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What we have done
The first public appearance of our work with DigimaskTM was aired on BBC1 on Friday 6th October 2000 on the famous Tomorrows World hosted by Peter Snow.

It was in fact a DigiToy featuring Peter himself, which amused him no end as he clicked away stretching and manipulating his face live on TV.

Next it was off to the NEC in Birmingham for the POP 2000 exhibition on the 9th November 2000, where members of Westlife and S Club7 had their Digimasks projected onto huge screens in a specially created application.

Members of the public could have their Digimasks created at the Popworld stand and then 'cyber-snog' their favourite pop star's DigimaskTM. Once an hour one lucky pop fan was picked to have their snog beamed onto the screens for all to see!

Eleven DigiToys were commissioned by Digimask Ltd. for the launch of their service in April. Also commissioned at the same time was a football 'keepy-up' game called Heads Up! In this, the user can select one of two preset Digimask's or import their own to personalise their footballing experience.

Smilie Digimask Promo

This humorous look at the recent British general election was written using the Digimask technology and as such, makes certain requirements above and beyond the average PC. The minimum specification is a 200Mhz machine with a 3D Video Card that supports OpenGL. If you are unsure as to the capabilities of your video card, please visit www.glsetup.com where you can find a list of cards supported by OpenGL. You may also want to upgrade your video card drivers to maximise performance, by downloading the OpenGL set-up program on www.glsetup.com/where.htm .

There is a possibility that this application may not work on your PC. Please save any files you are working on and close all applications, before running the Digimask Promo.

Download Smilie Digimask Promo

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Following hot on the heels of these releases, :)Smilie are developing some amazing things! Watch this site for future news!

Contact Info: (REMOVETHIS-NOSPAM)digimaskdev@smilie.com