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Our programmers and artists have vast experience in developing for windows platforms, and our PC applications reflect this. Each product is of the highest standard permitted by the brief and budget of the client.

From customised CD player apps to complete mini 3D games, we can develop for ALL windows platforms and include internet connectivity where applicable. Most of our products can support DigimaskTM technology to give the user a personal presence, or messages from celebrity sponsors. Can you imagine the impact of a screensaver featuring the users own digital head speaking your strapline?

There is an increasing trend in e-marketing towards giving the user incentive to part with their details such as email address and consumer information. We can provide you with eye-catching, fun applications which encourage the user to add to your database or buy your product whilst giving them an enjoyable and positive experience. Indeed, our clients find user take-up on new products, websites or games is significantly enhanced by the use of branded email novelties and games. You have to give something to get something, after all!

We can also develop utilities for game development, internet communication, and data farming. Contact (REMOVETHIS-NOSPAM)pcdev@smilie.com to discuss your requirements!