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:)Smilie has the experience to deliver almost any kind of DigimaskTM enabled application, from 'viral' email marketing solutions to online games.

Currently at the design phase are several exciting developments, including a DigimaskTM enabled chat-room and an online quiz show sponsored by a well-known celebrity.

:)Smilie has been involved with DigimaskTM since it's inception, helping to develop the technology and SDK as we developed the worlds first DigimaskTM enabled applications. These take the form of emailable applications with which you can send your digital avatar to a friend and relay messages such as 'Happy Birthday' and 'Congratulations', or even to let them know you are annoyed with them! The "DigiToys", as they are known, feature fully animated lip-synching and expressions on the digital avatar in a custom written 3D engine.

:)Smilie had to build this engine literally from scratch in order to meet exacting specifications of a PC application that would be small enough to email, and yet run on the widest possible range and specifications of PCs. Combined with our experience in facial animation and real-time effects, the end result secured :)Smilie's future as a preferred developer for DigimaskTM enabled applications.

The possibilities for using DigimaskTM technology are endless; for internet marketing, web portals, games, desktop novelties and even business card CD's to name but a few!

Contact :)Smilie today to discuss how we can give your company the personal edge on the internet.