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What we have done

Some of our Multimedia work includes:

Authoriszor Inc.
Authoriszor Inc.'s brief for their product overview was to impart the features of their security software without getting too technical. We designed a 7 minute fully animated presentation with voice-over which did exactly that. Everything is explained in an easy to understand manner, yet describes every function of the software. This presentation has been used at their sponsored conferences on projector screens. :)Smilie also produced for Authoriszor a laptop based interactive demonstration for their reps, and a 14 minute walkthrough with voiceover that teaches how to use their software.

Select is Scotland's trade association for the electrical, electronics and communications systems industry. We were contracted to design and create a flash intro for their website, indicative of their trade.

Smilie Scouse Promo
This application was written to take a humorous look at the recent British general election. It utilises the latest in Flash 5 technology. It is presented as a stand-a-lone PC application, which is compatible with all Windows version later than Win95.

Download Smilie Scouse Promo

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