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22nd November, 2002

Adrenaline Vault name CUBIS in Top3 Shareware Games 2002!

CUBIS - Java online version

The annual awards for Best Shareware games have just been announced by Adrenaline Vault - and feature a great review of Cubis from Avault's Bob Mandel.

You can read the full article here including reviews of all the top 3 nominated games.

"Cubis Deluxe is one of the most original and addictive puzzle-arcade games of the year. Its unique 3D board presents you with colorful and vibrant cubes that you must try to cluster vertically or horizontally. The cubes are so varied that you're constantly discovering new ways of scoring more points, such as by including special blocks or creating a chain that sets off another chain. Cubis features two gameplay modes - Puzzle and Arcade - allowing for different kinds of challenges. There are 200 levels, three unique board themes, a level editor, the ability to add new board skins, six distinct cube effects for solving puzzles and high score tracking. Even though you face time pressure in removing the cubes, you never feel absurdly constrained. The bright and colorful visuals, satisfying sound effects and fast-paced action combine to make Cubis Deluxe a real treat that cries out for large blocks of playing time."

Commissioned and published by Fresh Games, the Windows e-tail version of CUBIS has tapped into the excellent Internet 'buzz' created with the Java free-to-play online release.

Cubis is currently distributed via online e-tail platforms including RealNetworks RealOneArcade and MSN Zone.