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3rd December, 2001


The first step of :)Smilie's retail strategy was realised on Friday November 30th with the release of the SmilieGames Offline Console including the first Game Pack. Featuring :)Smilie's own game Java properties BarWars, BugBuster and Incoming!, the offline console enables PC owners to play the games offline and create their own All-Time and Daily High Scores, as well as connecting with the global online High Scores and Technical Support.

The most ingenious feature is the fact that content can be Internet enabled, allowing the Flash animations and HTML pages to be automatically updated when users go online. When the Console is used to distribute free branded content, this content can update to show the latest offers, promotions or advertising messages from the sponsor. As a retail application, this feature can be used to promote new retail game packs, special offers, online competitions and to push other time sensitive marketing to the consumer.

The first Game Pack is set to retail at US$15 or 17 - with further game packs on their way in the next few weeks. You can download a single game Demo of the Offline Console featuring :)Smilie's very own version of 'Space Invaders' here - SmilieGamesConsolePROMO.exe (871Kb)

For enquiries about developments using the Offline Console technology please contact andrew.ball@smilie.com or console@smilie.com