Apps for Parents & Families

Designed and developed by Mum and Dad of three

We develop smartphone and tablet Apps for parents and children. We do all the product design and implementation in house. Our children, other parents and their friends are our in house testing team.

Gurgle Numbers

Gurgle Numbers is a fun Maths game that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables.

There are dozens of different games you can play, and you can add as many players as you like. This is why Gurgle Numbers is now used in many Primary Schools.

In our home we have competitions where the children play against the adults and often win.

Gurgle Numbers is out now and available on iOS and Android devices.

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Gurgle Music

Gurgle Music is a vibrant App which turns a historically tedious process into a fun game. We developed the App to teach our daughter the Treble and Bass Clef when she was preparing for her first Piano exam.

She was six years old, but we've had great feedback from adults who have used it to learn sheet music. It's not just for Piano Players, any budding musician wanting to learn the Bass or Treble Clef will benefit.

Gurgle Music is out now and available on iOS and Android.

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App developers with a difference

Fanatical about Quality & Value

We don't outsource development, be assured everything is developed by ourselves. We use these Apps and are fantical about their quality and value. We know first hand how tough it can be to balance the family budget, we want to produce the best product at the best price.

We live with our Apps 24/7

These Apps are designed and developed by a mother and father of 3 who are at the coal face of family life, not a Stanford graduate out to make their first million.

Most of our apps start out as prototypes to use for ourselves as a family. We refine and evolve them until they are ready to release.

We listen

When a product is good enough for release it is only the beginning. We refine each app over and over improving it every release cycle.

We keep our eyes and ears open to feedback and ideas from our users, and from professionals and from the mothers & fathers we speak to in the playground.

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